Table Chess Set, 2009
pieces: painted ceramic
board: found table, wood, hardware, acrystal
14 x 14 x 26"

Rope Chess Set, 2009
board: wood, rope, string
pieces: colored acrystal
3 x 3 x 18"

Aluminum Foil Chess Set, 2008
board: aluminum foil, clear tape, duct tape
pieces: photographs on paper, bobby pins, clear tape
13 x 13"
The board is an alumium foil weave, and the pieces clip to it with bobby pins.

Chess Game, Exploded View, 2004
board: wood, yarn, carpet
pieces: wooden symbols on stones
24 x 24 x 54"
A visual documentation, move by move, of a game of chess that I played. The game starts at the bottom. Each square on the board is represented by a dowel, and each chess piece by black or white yarn winding around the dowel it occupies. As the game progresses upwards, yarn jumps from dowel to dowel as the pieces did in the game. Checkmate is at the top. The top of the sculpture is a playable chessboard.